Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System Gold Coast

Trelona Gold Coast

Trelona is the latest and Greatest Termite Baiting system to hit the Gold Coasts sandy soil. The Pest Company Gold Coast always ensure new products have recent trial data that allows us to be confident when protecting Gold Coast properties from Termites.

We know, over and above trial data carried out by BASF for the past 12 years, that BASF is a world-leading company that provides Gold Coast Property owners with the opportunity to protect their home using Trelona BASF also own Termidor, a world-leading Termiticide. Having both applications in the toolbox offers a significant advantage over many other systems on the market.

Trelona Bait

The science behind Trelona Advanced Baiting system bait and the ease of installation makes the Trelona bait cartridges and stations the most effective system on the market today.

Trelona Station Placement Gold Coast

Trelona Station Placement

Trelona offers security in Termite Protection when installed in accordance with the label. Station placement is a critical part of the system installation where ongoing maintenance is required.

The Trelona Baiting system provides options for homeowners to take on a fully loaded system where baits are applied to all stations or a monitoring and  partial baiting system which may include part loaded stations in known active areas and monitoring stations in less active areas, options are limitless.

Each property and customers budget is always discussed to gain the best option for each homeowner.

No property or owners budget will ever be the same, call TPC Gold Coast today to discuss your specific property, (07) 5576 2602

Combining a Termite Inspection with a Trelona Baiting System

Well before an installation takes place, a Termite Inspection carried out a by a licensed and professional Termite Inspector is critical.

The findings of a Visual Termite Inspection AS3660.2 will determine if a live Termite treatment is required, this maybe a Termidor Live active Treatment, especially if live termites are found within the structure. Book an Inspection today and free onsite Trelona Proposal, Call (07) 5576 2602

Combining Trelona with a Termidor Treatment ? 

Live Termite Treatment using Termidor and Trelona

Termidor is another world leading BASF product that The Pest Company use on a daily basis to eradicate live termites from properties.

Part of a Termite Management program is to treat live termites and eradicate the colony. Removing Termites from structures first and foremost is best practise to ensure homeowners can continue to live normal lives sooner rather than later. Having carried out thousands Termidor Termite treatments we know we can eliminate termites from properties within 30 days using Termidor.

From here a Trelona Baiting System can be applied to the perimeter of the building to intercept foraging Termites. For many years The Pest Company Gold Coast have applied baiting systems to properties that have limitations especially when it comes to Termite soil treatments, however using a combined Trelona System and Termidor Treated soil barrier now provides more options for homeowners. 

Find out more by booking a free onsite Termite Management proposal, (07) 5576 2602




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