Termites Destroy Gold Coast home

Structural Termite Damage

Termites Destroy Gold Coast home

Termites Destroy Gold Coast home 720 960 The Pest Company Gold Coast

Termites destroy Gold Coast home to the point of demolition.

As soon as the live Termite treatments were over, licensed Builders and engineers were called in to assess the structural integrity of the Gold Coast home and make an informed decision whether to rebuild or repair.

In this instance builders have removed the wall linings to inspect closer as the damage caused by the local Gold Coast Termite Species Coptotermes is extensive. Coptotermes are found on the Gold Coast in just about every suburb.

Termites destroy investments

As soon as Termites enter the home, their is immediate financial pressure placed on property owners as it is not just about treating the live active Termites, it’s protecting the home long term and repairing the damage that eats into the bank balance. Homeowners do have options when it comes to protecting their home.

What can homeowners do to protect their property from Termites

Homeowners can start by being proactive and ensure they engage a professional Termite Management company to protect the home from Termites.

All properties should be inspected every 6 – 12 months, a task many homeowners let slip.

 Termites do serious damage fast, so it makes sense to get in contact with an expert today, Call 1300 872100

Termite Damage and workings

Builders called in to rectify the Termite damage

The reality sets in when Builders ascertain the damage and provide the owner with the estimate to repair or rebuild

The image here demonstrates a serious structural concern, immediate replacement is required.

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Structural Termite Damage

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