Termite Facts Gold Coast

Termite Facts Gold Coast

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Termite Facts

Termites attack 1 in 4 homes in South East Qld. The majority of attacks on the Gold Coast are in excess of tens of thousands spent on repairing Termite Damage. Here at The Pest Company Gold Coast, we believe Termites attack stats are more like 1 in 3 Gold Coast Homes.

It really does cost more rectifying Termite damage then it does investing in a Termite Protection system.

Did you know, Termites do extensive damage within the walls of a property way before the homeowner is fully aware of the situation. Termites are subterranean meaning they are living and breeding underground, out of site and working there way in search of food (your house) and moisture to survive and they will not stop till they seek it.

Termites have been found;

  • Travelling up steel posts
  • Eating hardwood timbers
  • Eating treated timbers
  • Crawling over concrete slabs and brick walls in search for food
  • Crawl through masonry core filled block work
  • Nesting in wall cavities and roof voids
  • Nesting behind retaining wall and underneath slabs
  • Eating polystyrene, the same material used underneath slabs for form work
  • Eating car tyres and cables in some parts of north Queensland
  • Destroy beds, books and pianos

So taking a proactive step in managing your home is to get a Termite Inspection.

The importance of a Termite Inspection every 3 – 6 months should never be underestimated. Reducing the chances of a Termite attack can be minimised by removing a range of conducive conditions that attract termites. The best way to start managing any home from Termites is engaging a Licensed Pest Control expert to Inspect the property.

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