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Renovations and Termites Broadbeach

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The Gold Coast’s, Broadbeach Australia continues its reputation as a fast moving city, with a rapid growth spurt as builders and developers continue to build high rise apartments, Commercial Buildings and Residential Homes on the beach and waterfront that are some of Australia’s prestige property.

Renovations madness as homes are being pulled down with new ones being re built. Extensions, additions and full renovation rip out and redo where they replace the old with the new bathrooms and kitchens throughout.

Termite barriers are a must in Queensland when it comes to new homes and extensions, this also includes new bathrooms and kitchens for renovations and don’t forget new decking, carports and garages.

Many builders and home renovators often forget to call in a Pest Control expert when they remove old bathrooms and kitchens and replace them with new ones. Any new slabs cut up to install new plumbing and electrical that penetrate the slab need Termite Protection. This type of protection is installed by a Licensed Termite technician who will provide a Certificate of installation and form 16 on completion.

Home renovators and builders can do themselves a huge favour by calling in an expert termite barrier installer to ensure they don’t miss installing a termite barrier during the build.

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