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Mice and Rat Control Gold Coast

Rats and Mice breed disease, damage property and are a serious Gold Coast pest.

The Gold Coast experiences large infestations throughout the year, most of the issues are throughout the colder months from May to September.

The most common of these nasty pests are: Brown Rat, Black Rat & House Mouse.

Besides spreading disease rodents cause significant damage to property & businesses on the Gold Coast.

Rodent Control Gold Coast

How we protect our livelihoods from Rats and Mice?

At all costs, avoid an over load of rubbish, all food must be packaged in tight containers, stored safely to avoid rodent entry. Remembering a fully grown Rat only needs a 1cm hole to gain access.

Cluttered goods provide shelter and harbourages for Rodents so storing articles and stored goods off the ground is ideal. Rodent proof the building is a real smart way to start to any Rodent program.

Rodent Baiting Gold Coast

Rodent Treatments for Rats and Mice

Understanding rodent behaviour plays an important part of the eradication program when dealing with Rats and Mice. There is a range of methods for the control of Rodents and an expert opinion is just a phone call away. Call us now 1300 872100.

The Pest Company Gold Coast tackle each treatment program one step at a time, the same approach we have done over decades for general Pest Control Treatments, as each situation will have its own circumstances to deal with.

There are ways to Trap or Bait Rodents, however the conversation starter between the Pest Controller and the property owner is normally focused on safety and how fast can they be eliminated.

Rodenticides used to eliminate Rodents 

There is a huge range of Rodenticides on the market that are available for purchase off the shelf as a DIY treatment, however purchase with caution.

Single dose feeds are when rodents consume a lethal dose in only one feed, where multi-dose, rodents have to digest the baits over a few days before the last lethal dose takes effect. Rest assured our Rodent programs will achieve an elimination, however it may take as long as a few weeks to gain control when baiting.

The Pest Company Gold Coast use top of the range Licensed products available for licensed Pest Managers only, as many DIY Rodenticides are at times not effective.

We use the best leading products are from BASF, Bayer and Syngenta.

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