The Pest Company Gold Coast use the world’s leading Pest Control products that save Gold Coast homeowners and businesses time and money.

When it comes down to hiring a Pest Control Gold Coast company, it’s best to choose a company with thousands of repeat customers that use them year after year.

The Pest Company Gold Coast provide years of technical experience, the latest products & equipment, and our friendly approach to ensure a safe environment. Call us today (07) 55 762602

Pest Control Treatments

In addition to an immediate effect on visible Cockroaches, Ants and spiders, our products have a transfer effect that can wipe out pest colonies within the home or outside the property.

  • Reliable
  • Insured
  • Safe Practices
  • 20 years in business
  • Effective Treatments
  • Value for money services
  • Latest Products and Equipment

Gold Coast Pest Control Services by local experts

Knowing the Gold Coast environment is essential when controlling Pests. However, we believe knowing more about the needs of the Gold Coast community provides a whole lot more value for our customers.

When hiring a Gold Coast Pest Control Expert, you’ll have less worry and professional help that will save you money.

For the best Pest Control Services on the Gold Coast, Book now or ask our friendly staff for advice (07) 5576 2602

Pests We Service

Rodents Gold Coast


We offer a full range of pest control services for the Gold Coast homeowner.

Our residential pest control work uses intelligent, common sense pest control solutions that keep you, your family and your property are safe.

A simple pest control process makes all the difference!

Our Value for Money Pest Control services on the Gold Coast aren’t the cheapest as we provide the best results with licensed and experienced technicians using the Best Equipment and latest products. 

Pest Control Treatment areas

Areas of treatment in most Gold Coast residential homes include:

  • Interior Skirting Boards 
  • Cupboard Application (No need to empty all cupboards)
  • Roof void treatment
  • Wall cavity – Weep holes 
  • Exterior treatment – Exterior walls, letterbox, Fences, Pergolas, Carports, Garden Sheds

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Types of Pests on the Gold Coast

Common pests treated for Residential Service:

Pest Control Warranties

We are saving you money and time with effective Pest Control by The Pest Company Gold Coast. Our warranties on Pest Control treatments provide value for the homeowner. 

Did you know that we provide a Treatment advice notice detailing the products used, treated areas, type of pests serviced and warranties supplied on completion of the services?

99% of homeowners take advantage of a Combo Service for; Cockroaches, Ants & Spiders.

Cockroaches; 12-month warranty *Excludes German Cockroaches. Call us for more details. 

Spiders; Webbing Spiders, 6 – 12-month warranty. *Call for Site-Specific requests

Ants;  Internal 6 months, *External areas, call for site-specific requests.

“If you Book a combo Pest Service and ad a Termite Inspection, you’ll Save $50.00”. 

Call to book or ask a question about Pest Control Gold Coast

(07) 5576 2602


The Pest Company Gold Coast provides professional commercial pest control services for small and large businesses. An integrated approach using the latest products and food safety techniques makes all the difference. The services scheduled arrangement tailored to our client’s needs and particular industries.

“We’re in Business to protect your Business.”

Our Gold Coast commercial pest control services cater to the following industries:

  • Body Corporate
  • Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Clubs
  • Hotels, Retail
  • Schools (Blue Card Holder) 
  • Industrial
  • Child Care (Blue Card Holder)
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Government
  • Medical Centres

Pest Speciality

German Cockroaches, Fly Control, Fruit Flies, Hygiene Advice, Drain Sterilising, Rodents and many more

Call now for free advice or an onsite Quote (07) 5576 2602

Importance of Pest Control Gold Coast:

When pests big and small enter your home, it can quickly become stressful, unhygienic and hazardous to yourself and your loved ones. This unwanted creepy crawlies can prove to be extremely difficult to get rid of on your own. In our harsh Australian climate, it is nearly impossible to avoid encountering these pesky critters. The Pest Company Gold Coast comes in, providing a safe and effective solution to any pest control needs. Whether you are looking for a termite inspection and eradication or just general pest removal and prevention, you will not find a more professional, efficient and reliable service than The Pest Company Gold Coast.

The invasion of Pests, Cockroaches, Rodents or Termites can pose a significant risk to both ourselves and our beloved pets. 

 They are essentially trying to survive through seeking either food, water or shelter; our homes provide a sanctuary for just that. Through the assistance of a professional pest control company Gold Coast, we can remove these uninvited guests and put measures to ensure no return visitors.

The benefits of hiring an experienced pest control expert are exponential, including but not limited to:

  • Keeping Out Diseases – as most insects and rodents carry a magnitude of diseases and bacteria, professional pest control will ensure your environment is returned back to a clean and healthy state
  • Reduced Health Risks – The removal of harmful and pesky pests requires the use of certain chemicals which may become hazardous if your attempt to complete yourself, however, a trained and skilled professional possesses the expertise to execute this task in a safe and efficient way
  • Avoid Allergies and Bites – Pests are known to not only carry properties that cause allergies but many of them also, unannounced to us, bite. This can cause an array of reactions including unbearable itching
  • Healthier Inhabitable Space – We all desire to live in a clean, fresh and healthy environment and through professional pest control, as mentioned above, we will ensure our services will provide your home with an optimal outcome, so you have peace of mind that your space is healthy for you and your loved ones.
  • Avoid Damage to your Home – Pests, Rodents and Termites can damage your home, whether it be to fixtures, furniture etc, by seeking pest control service Gold Coast we will also assist in maintaining the shelf life of items in your home that these critters love to get into.


Why The Pest Company Gold Coast:

We have seen our successful reputation skyrocket with over 18 years of expert experience and a long-standing history of satisfied customers. At The Pest Company Gold Coast, we continue to pride ourselves on our guaranteed promise to deliver and provide you, the customer, with the best Pest Control services that will exceed all your expectations while providing you with a safe and healthy environment that you and your family deserve.

Pest Control is our passion and through this, we continue to provide top of the line service and a second to none experience. As your health and safety is our number one priority, we will always complete our services using innovative and provide equipment and processes to ensure the best results. We are masters of our craft, and all of our team are highly skilled and knowledgeable and will treat your home the way we would expect our own to be treated, every time. 

Our Team:

At The Pest Company Gold Coast, we have built up an exceptional team by demanding nothing but the best customer experience and services alongside expert knowledge and skill in all aspects of Pest Control. We have been proudly servicing the Gold Coast and its surroundings for many years. We will continue to provide exceptional results alongside a reliable, trustworthy and professional experience throughout the entirety of your time with us. Our team makes all the difference, and we have the privilege to say that we have the best team around confidently. You will always have the peace of mind that you are incapable, reliable and expert hands, ensuring that all your needs are met while all of your pest concerns are taken care of.

Final Statement:

No matter how much you clean and look after your home, it is pretty inevitable that you will experience the unwanted appearance of pests at one time or another. 

If you are looking for high quality and guaranteed results for the removal and prevention of problems.  

Pest Control, especially when tackled on your own, can be stressful, time-consuming, and may leave you with little to no results. 

Sit back and enjoy the result of a fresh, clean and healthy environment with no chance of returned unwanted guests.

Through our many years of experience, we have been able to fine-tune and master our Pest Control processes; this, paired with the use of the most advanced equipment. 

knowledge and our customer-focused approach, it is no wonder why The Pest Company Gold Coast are industry leaders in all aspects of Pest Control Gold Coast.

Contact us today and speak with one of our fantastic team members to find out more.

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    Protecting a Gold Coast home against Termites is not always about the type of Termites found or the type of Termite barrier systems available; it’s dealing with the Gold Coast construction methods used during the build that increase the risk.

    Houses built into hills with masses of soil built up against walls always pose a threat.

    Providing termite protection on the Gold Coast requires experience and skill, backed by a licensed company that’s licensed and insured who can offer in some cases a $100,000.00 Timber Replacement Warranty. * Conditions apply.

    Did you know, a Termite Management Program may involve multiple systems to protect property? Rest assured, we have treated and saved thousands of properties over the past 18 years in business.

    No obligation Free Quote – Call us now to arrange a Free on-site termite management proposal (07) 5576 2602

    The Pest Company Gold Coast carry out Termite Inspections for Properties and provide a detailed inspection report with photos.

    Our Termite Inspections and detailed reports are in accordance with the Australian Standards AS3660.2 -2017.

    The essential tools used on all TPC® visual Termite Inspections include:

    • Thermal Camera
    • Moisture Meter
    • Tapping device
    • Led Lenser torch
    • And many more

    The Termite inspection process is more than a Termite Inspection
    Our licensed Termite inspectors will inspect for live Termites, Termite Damage and workings. Did you know, we also check and comment on;

    Wood Rot (Wood Decay Fungi)
    Water leaks, water damage, Drainage issues, Ventilation and numerous conducive conditions that attract termites

    Long Term protection from Termites
    As part of the Termite Inspection service, you will receive options on ways to protect your Gold Coast home from a Termite attack. A Free written proposal is always offered.




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