German Cockroach Eradication for good

German Cockroaches Gold Coast

German Cockroach Eradication for good

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German Cockroaches 

Making waves in the Gold Coast Commercial Pest Control industry has never been so easy, but only with the help of the latest products, equipment, best technicians and open for change “restaurant preneurs” that make the difference.
Only those who actually want to Eliminate german cockroaches from their Gold Coast properties get to see the amazing results.
Most commercial property owners will say “I’ve heard it all before” they all state they will get them out of the place, it starts off well and then heads all down hill”
TPC are here to let you know, even the best products and best techs won’t eliminate every cockroach that has been breeding in the place year after year if you have very poor or a non existent “Daily cleaning processes” or care very little for “Food safety & Hygiene”.


The tip is

Get us in & pay us for the time, we’ll provide you the answers you need in relation to routine Inspections, eradication & elimination, but only if you are also prepared to get things in place. The commitment works both ways, you’re either in or you’re out ? & when you are out, you’ll be dealing with these little creatures daily till you close down the business.

To be thorough is built within, not trained 

You see TPC come from a Termite Management background first and foremost where we have to be extremely thorough when inspecting properties for Termites as if you miss them, they will destroy structural timbers beyond repair costing tens of thousands , so this mind set sets us up for success when inspecting commercial buildings too.
Don’t be fooled thinking you actually have to put up with these little disease carrying pests.
When the Adult German Cockroach drops off an egg, you’ll be needing to get ready for 34 young nymphs to deal with be for too long.

The rapid breeding cycle will never cease using off the shelf pesticides, you’ll need a professional Pest Control operator to use a range of non repellent products to not only eradicate those close by but also get into cracks and crevices where cockroaches love to breed.
Never underestimate the speed cockroaches can take over your commercial premise, save your business and your customers, Call us Today: 1300 872100
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