Commercial Pest Control Service

Commercial Pest Control Service

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If we clean up an industry, we need others to clean up as well. Through innovation Commercial Pest Control has now crept into our service list after 17 years in operation because the products we have available today are assisting in the process to be “confident” in achieving a pest free environment, backed by food safety practises and a demand to follow strict guidelines in achieving integrated pest management.

In my experience, The commercial pest control industry is heavily serviced by thousands of small business operators (lots of one man bands) and a mix of SMB’s and a few large companies all trying to compete as “cost leaders” to stay alive. This result is a demonstration of how to lower the standard of the the pest industry by driving price way too low where many compete to lose and lose often. The Pest Company established in 2000 is here to stay.

We do understand that innovation in Rodent Management is here and many will make choices on how best to innovate and reduce costs, maybe smart business.

I totally understand profit and loss, however Whipping in and out for a quick buck isn’t the attitude for change nor is it innovation, when our purpose is to prevent the spread of disease that pests cause in the community.

There are thousands of restaurants cafes, bars and commercial food preparation premises in Southeast Qld still dealing with German cockroaches every single day as they prep your food. TPC are here to help these businesses eliminate the risk.

Through discussions with B2B it appears there is definitely issues relating to slack servicing, inadequate scheduling, pesties not willing to stand up to businesses and say clean the place or I’m out… and make them fully aware the next Pest Control company you call will have the same attitude. A team effort in the industry will lift performance standards for all of us.

The hygiene in some commercial situations is a real concern where businesses struggle to keep up with daily cleaning. The daily cleaning routine is required to ensure a pest free environment.

The implementation of an integrated approach between our team of Pest Management technicians and the business has been successful. The key has been the combination of ongoing pest management servicing and use of a range of successful products, hygiene and food safety. I have the complete trust in my teams expertise as we build our knowledge and learn more from the leaders within the industry that provide the backbone of making change.

Luke Taylor

Managing Director – The Pest Company

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