Cockroaches Gold Coast

Best advice about Cockroaches on the Gold Coast

The entire Gold Coast has issues with Cockroaches. Clean premises may be helpful to assist Gold Coast property owners when dealing with Cockroaches, however regardless of how clean your home is cockroaches will still make their way in.

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Cockroaches Gold Coast breed fast in humid conditions, fly in through open doors and windows, enter through open drains and in through just about any crack and crevice within a Gold Coast property.

Cockroaches carry and spread disease so elimination is always top of mind when it comes to Pest Control Services Gold Coast. We know Spiders, ants and silverfish are also known as serious pest throughout the Gold Coast, however, property owners say Cockroaches are their main concern outside of the Termite issue here on the GC.

The Pest Company Gold Coast know just how serious Cockroaches are here on the GC, so we use the best available products as there is no saving for second best. Owners want results, so we aim for the best available products delivered by polite local technicians.

Different Types of Cockroaches Treatments Gold Coast

Different types of treatment programs for Cockroaches and other pests are available from The Pest Company Gold Coast.

Each program is always designed to suit the current property conditions especially taking into account whether the premises is a commercial or residential property as this makes a big difference when dealing with Pests.

German Cockroaches become a serious problem in commercial situations, so if you have noticed this type of infestation you’ll need professional products and experience to deal with them.

Taking into consideration safety and ensuring an effective treatment, our technicians ensure the property is assessed first, then the treatment is carried out.

On Completion of all our Pest Control Gold Coast treatments, property owners are well informed by receiving a detailed Pest Advice notice, which includes safety protocols, what was done at the property and where. We also indicate how long the warranty will be and what to expect next from the treatment.

The Pest Company Gold Coast always apply products in accordance with the label.

When dealing with Cockroaches, get the best value for money Cockroach Treatment at The Pest Company your Gold Coast local,


Cockroaches Gold Coast

How to get rid of Cockroaches

Removing a Cockroach problem from your Gold Coast property takes more than a household insect spray if you want long term control. Most off the shelf treatments are short term and leave zero residual; meaning you may kill on direct contact but when you are sleeping or not at home you are likely to experience cockroaches roaming the house.

How to eliminate Cockroaches, with 5 easy steps

  1. Remove rubbish daily from inside bins and avoid leaving them open
  2. Cleaning daily cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to food preparation areas like kitchens.
  3. Ensure all areas are cleaned especially under fridges, Dishwashers and washing machines and keep the sink cupboard free of clutter as this area is prone to harbouring cockroaches.
  4. Even the cleanest of homes get cockroaches.
  5. Engage a licensed Pest Management Technician to not only treat the internal areas of the home with the best-licensed products but ensure the roof void and exterior areas are also treated, this will ensure an overall thorough treatment.

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